The children played with endless reserves of energy. Mom chased them for a bit. And dad, well dad stared into space.

What was he thinking? Was he thinking about the band he used to be in? Was he thinking of his precious moments of family bliss, playing out right before him in the sunny meadow?

From his trance he emerged when something horrible happened. The kids' giant inflatable soccer ball had deflated. Deflation was something dad knew well. Deflation was no match for dad. He grabbed the air pump from his Honda CRV and began pumping.

He pumped and pumped. For hours. And when he was done, DAD THOT was born.


Are you my dad?

A collective of meadow dad watchers emerged after the Soccer Ball incident, led fearlessly by Top Bananas Katharine Hargreaves and Helen Grossman. Soccer dads, running dads, kite dads, and hide and seek dads were their muses. Inspiration kept piling up from all their dad research, and finally in the Fashion District they exploded with a vision for a new kind of accessory. And a new kind of life.

K Daddy and H Daddy imbue all of their creations with the intention of transporting the banalities of the everyday into the spectacle of another universe: a place where Leonardo DiCaprio is looking at you through his binoculars, where you're inflating a soccer ball to ride up to the disco, where you work hard, you play hard, and you dad hard.

DAD THOT is our way to be adults and children at the same time.

Or simply: to be dads.